My New Journey

It’s finally official: I am moving to Japan! It’s funny how I am feeling and thinking of so many things at once – the past, the future, being almost 30, my dream coming true, my hopes, lessons I’ve learned, friendship, love, etc. – and yet, I don’t exactly know what to start writing about. So for now, I will leave it at that and will let all the topics I just mentioned unravel itself daily on this blog. It’s also funny that I’m FINALLY executing on a personal promise: committing to a blog. Like, FOR REAL. I’ve started blogs in the past and intermittently produced some valuable stuff, but I never committed to it; I guess now I have more of a reason to. So, here’s to documenting this next chapter in my life. I promise to put something here every day, whether I’m a wordsmith that day or I have nothing to put but one word. Or picture. Just something. Now that I’ve christened my blog with this first post, here’s to my new journey! Hopefully the things I share here will at least inspire your own thoughts on life.


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