The Little Things

I can’t get over how fascinated I am with the smallest things here. For example, I’ve experienced the “drink bar” twice now. A drink bar is basically an additional item you purchase with your meal. Both times, I’d been overwhelmed with the endless supply of drink options. I know many restaurants serves refillable sodas and drinks back home, but here, there’s so much more variety: refillable lattes and iced coffees (it’s like having all-access to as many Starbucks drinks as you want); a handful of cold and hot teas; juices, sodas, it goes on; whatever you want, whatever you feel like; so my second time, I must have gotten five glasses of iced caramel lattes, three glasses of coke zeroes, and two glasses of strawberry milk with my raw tuna-over-rice meal. I told myself that next time, I would get a small dish and just go bananas on the drinks. And earlier today, I scored a pack of sushi that contained eight rolls for UNDER $2.00 (because it was 20% off). This is unheard of back in the states. Even walking home has become quite an event. All this is really making me appreciate the little things. I feel like a child again, experiencing the world for the first time; my senses are heightened; my awareness, amplified; I feel…alive. I know it’s simply the novelty of it all – everything is exciting when it’s new after all – but this is all a lesson in itself: enjoy the little things; the things you don’t think matter; the little things taken for granted; sometimes, consuming the world with childlike wonder is just the trick to put color back in a world that insists on being so quotidian. Enjoying the small things truly allow us to recognize that each day we wake up is actually a miracle. As Kurt Vonnegut wrote, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day, you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”


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