The Little Things Pt. 2

Today was the farthest school in my schedule — about a 30-minute train ride from where I currently live — but, like a movie scene, the picturesque countryside drenched in the sunset rapidly moving along with the train was incredibly soothing, yet exhilarating. On my way back home, I felt Japan’s frosty air for the first time, biting my ears and chilling my toes as I walked to the train station in the dark. Thank goodness for a scarf and flashlight in my backpack that I forgot I had! On the bright side, the night sky glittered immensely, as if the stars were winking at me. Thank you for the affirmation I whispered to the stars in reference to a relatively smooth week so far. Just a string of seemingly ordinary things this past week, but what simple pleasures they were…the train rides, the strolls under starry, starry nights. It really is these small things that are reminding me not to take life for granted.


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