Let’s Travel Together (A Song)

[Dedicated to JG]

Let’s travel together
On a plane or a boat
Or a train or a car
Or by foot

We’ll walk on the path
Of St. Paul or a queen –
Elizabeth, I think?
Or we’ll cook…

Yes, we’ll cook on an
Island far, far away
And eat
With Cloudball and Moon

We’ll ponder in Kyoto
And sail in Taiwan
Watch the sun in Brazil
As we look

*On our little, old map
There’s no turning back
Unless it’s to Italy:

We’ll eat artichokes
At Piazza San Pietro
We’ll dance with Caesar
In Rome

Wow, the South African Days,
The Arabian Nights
We can drink tea in Paris
‘Till noon

Cafe con leche
And baklava please
On our odyssey
Under the moon

We’ll read to each other a
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Homer’s epics,
we’ll croon

*Let’s travel together
And have an adventure
Until all the world is our home

Until all the world is our home

And then somday
When we’re old and we’re grey
We’ll fly into heaven…

We’ll fly into heaven…


Santorini, Greece


California coastline



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