From “To-Do List” to Habit

Today was a feat! I perfectly adhered to my ideal daily agenda (listed below), which gave me a sense of accomplishment! Who knew that something as simple as keeping personal promises (which isn’t really simple at all, lol) would provide a genuine feeling of joy! Most days, I don’t deviate much from this agenda, but I would still find myself dawdling here and there, not being able to complete everything I’d set out to do. But today was a day I did – a true indicator that my small steps are, indeed, working! Now all I need is a string of these days to truly transform this “to-do” list into a habit (research says it takes 21 days to form a habit, and break bad ones!). Once these things are carved into my routine, fulfilling my life’s purpose will suddenly become as natural as breathing. That is the goal! But for now, I will happily accept this small, private victory! A stepping stone to achieving the bigger picture!

• Woke up early (5:30AM) and did cardio for an hour

• Completed the rosary (during cardio)

• Attended daily mass (that included petitions and intercessions (or praying for others))

• Wrote / played music + praise and worship

• Read and studied scripture

• Wrote (for my ongoing memoir endeavor)

• Work – on my breaks I studied (currently: Plato) and read (currently: A Street Cat Named Bob)

• Adhered to calorie / nutrition goals

• Posted on blog (this one)

•  Slept at designated time (which is soon – at 11:30PM)

In addition, I scored a perfect score in all the virtues I am working to cultivate: humility, meekness, diligence, temperance, generosity, chastity, love, prudence, justice, fortitude (the cardinal and capital virtues of Catholicism). I hope many days will be like this, and I know some days will be harder than others – which is all the more reason to work on these so as to prepare for those difficult days.

Here’s to remaining faithful to discipline so that all this becomes habit. And in doing so, may it also strengthen my virtues. Wish me luck!

Ultimately, I am doing all this to become a better and more effective disciple of Jesus Christ. But in doing so, one must master the art of discipline. In that word, after all, you will find “disciple.”



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