You’ll Be Glad You Took The Higher Road


No matter how badly someone has treated you, stigmatized you, made you feel inadequate and insecure and unloved, remain steadfast in your kindness, gentleness, and compassion. Let these be your response to rudeness and unkindness. Usually, it’s not you but them, fighting a battle you may know nothing about. The hardest road, indeed, is the higher road, but as I experienced today, after so much pain and emotional suffering, I was glad I took the high road because the overwhelming peace that comes after healing from a long period of such suffering is far more rewarding than capriciously hurting the other person back in the moment. One does not gain justice by doing this – responding in the same way as the perpetrator of hurt – but only sinks to their level. So, smile, even when it’s hard (a la St. Terese of Lisieux) and walk away. Besides, those who hurt us are actually some of our greatest teachers in life – teaching us how to be stronger and wiser, and giving us opportunities to remind ourselves just how resilient we are. So, be thankful for them. In the end, you’ll be glad you took the higher road.

Pic composed by: MJCD



  1. Don’t forget to have a truly open heart, not to hold a grudge, to deeply and completely forgive seventy times seven times, not to desire to exalt oneself by way of considering oneself better than the other who may or may not bear the true fault for the perceived hurt, and to remain steadfast in your “letting-it-go-ness”.

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