Prayer Before Reading Scripture

A short and simple prayer I wrote for and pray before reading scripture:

Dear Holy Spirit,

I ask for your guidance as I enter scripture to experience the message of God. Grace me with wisdom and understanding to know the truth of God’s living word, and to apply His message to daily life. May I accept the Father’s message with grace and have the courage to bear witness to these messages wherever I go. O Holy Spirit: anoint me to be your disciple – use me to glorify His name in all I do, and may my journey into scripture only strengthen this resolution. Amen.


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  1. Amen. I usually pray after; thanking Him for everything I have read and learnt. But then sometimes while reading, I have difficulty with understanding some portions of scripture So praying before is what I should do; so that my spirit yields and opens up to understand the Word. Thank you for this.

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