Your Parents Are People Too

Thinking a lot about my 20s since the big 3-0 is on the horizon, then I started thinking about my mom, and how she’s equally become my friend. And then I stumbled upon these wise words, which I found to be relatable, putting into perspective what I’d felt throughout my 20s:


Perhaps one of the most disillusioning realization of your 20s: seeing mom and dad not as the all-knowing protectors like you did as a child, and not as the obnoxious and totally uncool authoritarians like you did as a teenager, but as peers, as just two flawed, vulnerable, struggling people doing their best despite often not knowing what they’re doing.

Chances are your parents screwed some things up during your childhood. Pretty much all of them do (as my mom always likes to say, “Kids aren’t born with instruction manuals.”) And chances are, you will start to notice all of these screw-ups while you are in your 20s. Growing up and maturing to the extent that one can recognize this is always a painful process. It can kick up a lot of bitterness and regret.

But perhaps the first duty of adulthood — true adulthood, not just taxed adulthood — is the acknowledgment, acceptance, and (perhaps) forgiveness of one’s parent’s flaws. They’re people too. They’re doing their best, even though they don’t always know what the best is.”

None of us are perfect and to have a perception where your parents should know better and everything is a skewed perception. Our parents are people too – they’ve loved, lost, hoped, dreamed. As I’ve come to learn, I believe most parents did the best they could raising us, and genuinely try their best every day to give their children love and happiness.


Me and my mom at the Dead Sea (this side bordering Palestine)


Dead Sea


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