The Truth About Friendships

History alone cannot preserve a friendship. Both sides must put an effort to nourish and cultivate it so that the relationship is valued and deepened. They must listen to each other, understand each other, and respect each other’s differences. If one is doing more than the other, it is no longer a friendship, but a false sense of hope. The hardest part is realizing this, if it is happening to you, and letting go. If, for any reason, you are feeling inadequate, pretentious, unmotivated, forgotten or like you’re not yourself, these are clear signs to let go, no matter how long you’ve known them. Letting go doesn’t necessarily mean verbalizing or announcing an official separation from this friend/these friends, but an understanding with yourself that it is no longer your responsibility or obligation to go out on a limb or take those extra steps to reach out. It may hurt as losing anything you value hurts, but sometimes it’s necessary when it starts compromising your well-being, your happiness.


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