A Prayer for My Enemies

St. Therese,

Just as you prayed for the soul of the murderer to have a conversion of heart and confess to our Heavenly Father – which, by your commitment to praying for his soul, he did, so, too, do I endeavor to pray for the souls of all my enemies, my oppressors, those who’ve hurt me or want to hurt me, who speaks ill of me; who’s been unjust and unkind and malevolent towards me. I ask for your intercession and guidance in my journey to following your holy ways so that I, too, may become holy. May I always have the strength to return unkindness with kindness, hate with love, wrong with right. Intercede for me so that my fire of passion to follow Our merciful Lord, who you are with, may only continue to grow, consuming me and all of my ways, making me holier and more virtuous.

Heavenly Father,

I do not seek the ruin of the enemies in my life, but that you rescue them from their ways. That, like St. Paul and St. Augustine, who once persecuted and went against you, but was transformed – through and by you – and became faithful servants of your message, they, too, will be transformed and become your faithful servants. Lord, sometimes, it hurts to ask such things, for I am merely human – weak, wanting those who’ve hurt me to feel the pain they’ve caused – but save me from such sentiments, for I would gladly feel all the pain in this world if it means being forever in heaven with you! Lord, enter their souls! Help them see your light! May justice be granted by your mercy, that instead of them suffering the fate of one who is eternally condemned, they become reborn in the spirit and sing your praises, and do everything in your name – to glorify you in all that they do; to be propellers of peace, justice, faith, hope, love. My humanity seeks for their apologies, but in, through and because of you, I do not need it, only a sign that they’ve turned to you. Just as you gave your little flower a sign that even a man who’s committed unimaginable crimes can be saved, so, too, do I ask for a sign of my enemies’ conversions Lord.

St. Therese, pray for me!

All this I ask in your most precious name O Lord,




Lord, help me pray for my enemies the way you prayed for your enemies on the dark day you were were led to die…help me love the way you love – with mercy, compassion, and hope.


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