Psalm 37:4

“Find your delight in the Lord who will give you your heart’s desire.” – Psalms 37:4

I just finished reading Psalms 37 and the above line immediately resonated because I’ve personally experienced this. For most of my life, I never felt enough, a personal affliction if you will, but ever since relinquishing my life to the Lord (which was not overnight; it took much seeking and inquiring and disciplining to grasp what it really means to relinquish one’s life to Him), I feel nothing but love, joy, adequacy, peace, strength; I even feel knowledgeable, not from knowing a lot and possessing earthly eloquence in expounding such knowledge (because I have neither of those! Lol), but from knowing the truth, and my hunger to know more about it; my hunger to live it, to share it. After searching my 20s in all the wrong places, I finally have a sense of purpose that directs all that I do in my life, all that I am, and who I will become – a saint. As St. Therese mentioned in her autobiography, it may seem presumptuous to state my sainthood with such boldness, but I see all that God has done for me already – the transformation he’s made of my pitiful life – and I can’t help but have faith, only fueling my thirst to truly live a life of holiness. Since genuinely delighting in the Lord as written in Psalms, my heart swells all the day long from receiving its true desire that this world could never give – feeling…enough.


At St. John’s Basilica in Ephesus, Turkey



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