When I followed an old friend on Instagram, the profile of a person that wronged me (and thus, I ended up not liking) in highschool was suggested. Initially I reacted quite sarcastically: “Oh, I wonder how she’s doing.” These reactions are usually accompanied with a subtle eye roll, suggesting ill wishes, but I was able to stop myself. Along with that cessation came my voice of reason – well, God’s voice really since I cannot be credited with any such wisdom: if you desire others to see you in a changed light, you must also recognize that others may have changed, and afford your willingness to relinquish the box of judgment you’d placed them in all these years for their shortcomings. If they happen to still be that rude, unkind person, it is not your duty to keep them in your box of judgment. You needn’t have a box at all. Be merciful as God has shown you mercy, and relinquish him/her to God. Suddenly, I found myself looking to the heavens to apologize for my sarcasm, and genuinely asked the heavens to watch over this person, to give her much happiness and love. Perhaps this was a small detail, but on a path to holiness, little details are everything. We must make no room for unkindness, even in the depths of our thoughts where no one can see. God can see. Thus, we are never truly alone. I know that I don’t have to go out of my way to become friends with this person, but today shall be the last day I have such a tone towards all those I am not particularly fond of – in public and private. Remember, we are not called to like everybody, but we are called to love everybody, and that means superseding negative inclinations to wish ill upon others with an offering of prayer for them, then asking God to finally rid us of any sentiments inhibiting us to fully love as Christ loves, continued this voice of reason. How true. After all, I have also wronged others and made a handful of mistakes, so just as I hope to be forgiven, so too do others hope to be forgiven. By the grace of God, I have forgiven all. It is my resolve to always forgive, even when they don’t ask to be forgiven; even when they show no signs of contrition. Still, I will forgive. Just as the Lord has granted me mercy, so too shall I be merciful. #YearOfMercy

PS: sometimes, forgiving will hurt so much, it just might kill you. But how glorious you shall be in heaven to have underwent a death caused by your actions of mercy! How glorious you shall be to have followed the path of mercy, the path of Christ…





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