Kit Kat: King of Chocolate in Japan aka Surely You Will Win

It makes sense now why Kit Kats are the king of chocolate here! Sometimes, before students take my exam, they exchange Kit Kats with each other until one day I asked them why. From as much English as they could muster, I was able to gather a vague meaning: win (without them saying win – there was a lot of pantomiming and random words bursted forth, lol). And because of this vague meaning I gathered, they said exchanging Kit Kats before or during exam time has become quite the tradition here. (They said it in Japanese and then I told them to try to say it in English. I appreciated their effort hehe.) After some research and asking my Japanese friends, my vague understanding turned into clarity: it’s because “Kit Kat” basically translates into: surely you will win.

Dean Irvine from CNN writes: “To Nestlé’s amazing good fortune, the word Kit Kat sounds similar to the Japanese phrase “Kitto Katsu”, which roughly translates to mean “surely win.” It’s a term of good luck often used by students before their exams, but to Nestle it has sounded more like “Ka-ching!”


Raspberry Kit Kat…my favorite!!!

So that plus Japan’s fervency for innovation and novelty equals Kit Kat being king of chocolate land in Japan!

Read entire Kit Kat story here by Dean Irvine:



…and from this innovation came the various flavors of Kit Kats that has captivated so many people from all over the world!! Among so many unique characteristics of Japan, this is certainly a tasty one… 🙂

From pinterest:



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