Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit really is among us!

A few months ago, I’d asked God if he was calling me to get involved with music at the Catholic Church I’ve been attending. I suppose I’d forgotten about this question because I didn’t do anything about it for months.

One morning after daily mass, a kind Japanese lady approached me and asked in Japanese where I was from. Lucky for me I understood her and thus  answered “from America” in Japanese. “Rare, your age come here,” she said. It was quite endearing. I suppose she was right. Everyone who attends morning mass are much older than me, so perhaps seeing someone different prompted this sweet lady to approach me. Nevertheless, I was incredibly thankful to this lady whose name is Makiko. After she learned of my Filipino ethnicity, she introduced me to Father Ricardo, a Filipino priest from the Philippines who’s been stationed in Japan for a couple years now. On another morning after daily mass, Father Ricardo, Makiko and I went to a nearby coffee shop and had breakfast. It’s these quiet mornings talking about life, faith, and culture that really mean so much to me. On our walk back, Father Ricardo and I started talking about music, which reminded me of that question I’d asked God some months back – should I get involved with music at this church? After all that’s unravelled – Makiko approaching me and fatefully introducing me to Father Ricardo – I felt the answer was leading to a yes. So, last week I messaged Father Ricardo and told him I’d love to accompany him musically someday (he’s quite the singer and musician!). A few days after, he messaged me asking if I would be interested in joining their music rehearsal on Saturday (May 14) for Sunday’s English mass. Without hesitation, I joined. Last Saturday, we rehearsed for hours, but I didn’t even notice the time. I missed doing this more than I realized – collectively serving with and through music! But I suppose that comes with having music as one of your spiritual gifts! Then on Sunday, for the first time in awhile, I served the Lord with the piano and my voice, serving the Lord with other fellow musicians…it was beautiful! I didn’t realize it then but how fitting that my first time serving the Lord in Japan with music would happen during Pentecost Sunday – the day the Holy Spirit descended and entered the disciples of Jesus. I was filled with so much gratitude. I know the Holy Spirit dwells among us, but to experience it physically and see how it manifests itself concretely is such a supernatural experience. God wanted me to serve with music so He made it happen – through the Holy Spirit. Praise God. As I’ve said before, my music shall always be an instrument of praise and worship, to glorify God.

Thank you God for bringing Makiko, Father Will and Father Ricardo in my life. They are one of my greatest blessings here in Japan.


The choir!


Feels good to be doing music again!! Praise God!!!


Representatives of Education from Hungary were present at the mass!


Beautiful vintage piano!


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