30 Before 30 Day 3: Anger

3. Learn to Redirect Anger

You will be angry for whatever reason. Instead of letting it negatively consume you, redirect it. Use it as a vehicle. Let it be your fuel – burn that fuel and let it move you. Outpour yourself in whatever it is that’ll refine you, purify you. If anger is the motivation, so be it. Before you know it, the anger will melt away, but don’t forget why you started.

Right now, I will admit – I am angry. So angry. First I was sad and hurt, now I’m just angry. My defense mechanism wants to assign blame, but there is no one to blame but myself. I could say this person shouldn’t have done this, but I didn’t do anything to stop it either. So, I must hold myself accountable. True – I am angry at this person but I am more angry at myself. I should’ve known better. With that said and after failing and messing up so many times in my 20s, I’ve learned not to dwell on a mistake, but to learn from it. Not to hold me back, but grow from it. I have a stronger ability to get up because I’ve had to get up after countless falls so many times before. This does not mean I am glazing over my mistake – absolutely not – I will have to make recompense and I know this – but it just means that I have a better ability to move forward. So for now, I am angry, but I’m not going to say F the world and seek revenge, I am going to use it as my motivation and just let me become so consumed in my  personal projects that I have little time to think about the past, and other thoughts that trigger negative outcomes. I refuse to enter 30 broken, so I will redirect this anger to wholeness.



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