30 Before 30 Day 5: Feelings

5. Some of life’s greatest battles is between what you know and how you feel.

So much of my 20s were driven by emotions, how I felt. But if it’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we are not how we feel. We are more than that. If we are how we feel, we’d be a prisoner of our impulsive emotions – anger, lust, sloth – this is why there is such a thing as temperance and self-control. Indeed, some of my greatest battles were between what I’d known and how I’d felt – heck, that’s my battle right now! But at this point in my life, after losing so much to succumbing to the consuming impulses of emotion – or the “Eros” – and learning from it, I feel I have a better ability to just trust what I know, not the heat of the moment, not my current temporary feelings as real as they may feel, as good as they may feel, or as painful as they may feel. Usually I know when what I know and how I feel doesn’t sync up, and I think you do too. So when you know that how you feel only leads to a dead end, trust logic and let go. I wish there was an instructional manual for this, but life doesn’t really come with instructions. We either learn from experience or learn from others. So I’d rather someone learn from me so they can avoid being slaves to their emotions.



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