30 Before 30 Day 7: Friendship

7. Sometimes we outgrow friendships, and that’s okay.

This took me nearly all my 20s to realize and understand, and after much grief and confusion and fussing, I feel like it was just recently that I did. The friends I never thought I’d lose I lost, and the friends I never thought I’d make I made. People come and go whether it was our decision or not, and I’ve realized that that’s just a part of life. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad or you’re bad, it just means you’ve become different people on different paths. Hold them in your heart and be thankful for the friendship you’ve had with them, but when they start to hurt or hold you back, it’s time to let go. And that’s okay.




  1. Thank you so much. I needed this. I’m struggling to let a friend go, but it’s not easy. She’s not in my life but she keep coming back in my writing and it’s hard.


    1. I think its OK that she still comes up in your writing.. That’s how we writers express our griefs after all 🙂 but at least you’re aware of it…when the time is right and when you least expect it, you will eventually let go of your friend and move on and someday, you will look back and wonder how it happened
      .. It just does; in the meantime, I know its a challenge, but know this challenge teaches you a lot about yourself and whether you know it or not, shows courage; hang in there 🙂 wishing you well in your journey. Thank you 🙂

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