30 Before 30 Day 30: Purpose

30. Your life purpose is doing what what gives your life meaning

I used to think one’s life purpose was the profession he/she chose. When I’d changed careers several times, I was beginning to feel afraid that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. Only later did I realize that this notion couldn’t be more false. One’s life purpose is not restricted to profession, though one’s profession could certainly be one’s life purpose. I have many friends who are living their life purpose through their profession. Essentially, fulfilling your life’s purpose is doing the things that are meaningful to you, that adds value to your life. Just because you’re paid for what you do doesn’t mean it’s your life purpose. Just because you’re not paid for what you do doesn’t mean it’s not your life purpose. For example, I’ve never gotten paid as much as my “day job” doing music, but doing music is one of my purposes in life. When we know what our purpose is, we have an obligation to commit ourselves to that purpose, an obligation to remain obedient to it if we hope to live meaningful lives. I have a friend whose purpose is to help people become healthier, hence the outpouring of herself in her nursing career. Sometimes it’s hard to identify what our true purpose is when we are wrapped up in a society that tells us what we should be doing and how much money we should be making, so pay close attention to that small, still voice. Don’t let it get buried by the demands of the world. It took me nearly my whole 20s to fully understand what a life purpose is really, but it was simple all along: doing things that make your life worth living. Remember: your self-worth and identity is not confined by what you do to make money, but what you do to give your life meaning. Doing things meaningful to YOU means living a more fulfilled life.



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