Japan Journals Day 1: Fresh Fish

It’s been a little over six months since coming to Japan so I decided to dedicate the next 30 days to what I love about being here (and what I would painfully miss when I leave), my cultural experience thus far, observations and concerns; and essentially any revelations I’ve had about life influenced by my living here.

Day 1: Fresh Fish! (In that marketplace accent in Aladdin: Aladdin – Marketplace Scene – Jasmine: http://youtu.be/RW5n4sIOj9s )


I LOVE Sashimi (Salmon is my fave) and fish eggs so being in a place where this is cheap and accessible – its freshness making it SO delicious! – is one of my simple joys here. Back home, sashimi is quite expensive, especially the fresher ones, and isn’t as readily available. But here…everywhere, every time…fresh, cheap, delicious.

An interesting read about sashimi in Japan if you are so inclined: http://justhungry.com/sashimi-raw-eggs-and-more-japan-times-plus-raw-proteins-elsewhere


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