Kosanji Temple

Last week I discovered a hidden gem in Onomichi (in Hiroshima prefecture) – Kosanji Temple! I say hidden because I probably wouldn’t have included this place into my itinerary if I were just visiting Japan as a tourist (because I’d be too busy trying to fit in more popular destinations like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka), but after experiencing this place, I’d say a trip out here is pretty worth it. Kosanji temple was founded in 1936 by the industrialist Kozo Kosanji, an early twentieth century pioneer in French-style wedding techniques who resided in Osaka, as a family temple that he built in dedication to his late mother. Furthermore, Kosanji not only built the temple, but also entered the priesthood to repay a son’s debt in gratitude to his mother. It is in Kosanji’s hope that all those who visit here will take a moment to think of their mothers for it is written in the famous Haiku: The mothers of the world are as the Goddess of Mercy. I certainly thought of mine. If you’re visiting Japan, check this place out. I think it’ll be worth you while! 


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