One Day

Dear Past Me,

One day, the painful longing and deep yearning will find its end. One day, mornings won’t be filled with residual memories that plague your days with such longing. One day, you will forget all this and will become nothing more than a thing of the past. One day, the recounting and the wishing he longed for you the same and impossible fantasies of him seeking you out will dissipate until it becomes nothing more than a distant memory…

Until then, lay these out on the table, look at them, accept them; don’t be in denial – that only hinders the moving-on process. Instead, acknowledge them, and then tell them that they have no more place in your life. I know – it expends SO much energy, so much so, the daily, mundane things like getting up and going out become mountains to climb. But it makes sense – you have a broken heart after all. But know you will get through this. There’s no other way. One day…

Sincerely yours,

Future Me

Great Wall of China


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