Cheerfully Resigned To His Destiny

I’m currently reading Eat, Pray, Love (again) and this struck a chord in me:

“Maybe you can come see me someday in America, Ketut,” I said. “Can’t Liss.” He shook his head, cheerfully resigned to his destiny. “Don’t have enough teeth to travel on airplane.”

Cheerfully resigned to his destiny. That specifically is what struck me. One could render this as complacency but I didn’t feel it connoted that. I felt that that is what I desire right now. Because as of right now, I feel like I know what my destiny is; I know what my purpose is, but knowing how difficult this path will be is admittedly intimidating. Can I do it? Will I even be strong enough? Of course, the voice of God reassures me, and when I let that voice overpower the voices of fear and doubt, a sense of peace permeates my being. But I ultimately want this: to be cheerfully and JOYFULLY resigned to my destiny instead of what I am feeling now – restlessness and anxiety. I know it’ll take time, but I suppose it’s being patient with that space between where I  am now and where I want to be; and to let that space sharpen me, not dishearten me. Or perhaps there will be times where I will feel joyfully resigned, and like all other feelings, it will ebb and flow, but the point is to keep moving forward, to keep on truckin’ towards that goal despite how I feel. 



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