Abu Dhabi?

Dear God,

I couldn’t sleep last night…again. I couldn’t actually tell if my year and something months abroad is to blame and my body simply just hasn’t adjusted yet, or if my mind is simply preoccupied with floating thoughts on which are seemingly invisible strings keeping my eyelids open; thoughts about where in the world (literally) I’m going to end up. Speaking of which: Abu Dhabi was mentioned today during a heavenly bowl of ramen. Living abroad again is inevitable but my three top choices remain: Italy, Japan, or Korea. So, Abu Dhabi? As the second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai being the most populous) saturated with rich culture that intermingles tradition and the modern, Abu Dhabi is definitely on my to-travel-to list, but I’d never considered living there…never even crossed my mind. But I must admit, the idea is an intriguing one. I guess we’ll have to see what the near future unravels…

Dona nobis pacem,



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